Technical ...

Custom Print Ltd is constantly updating equipment, and ensuring we have the latest technologies to provide the highest quality print, to very tight deadlines.  On site we have a fully equipped studio, including Power Macs, inkjet and laser proofing, and industry leading RIP software.  All our plates are made through our fully automated ‘computer to plate’ workflo system, ensuring data integrity, and digital colour profiling.

On the press floor we operate Heidelberg Speedmaster and Ryobi presses.  All our presses have automated  colour profiling, plate loading, and wash-ups.  During all runs, readings are taken with densitometers to ensure colours are consistent throughout the run.  Our finishing department operates like a self contained business on its own,

allowing us to complete all magazines in-house on time.  We have high speed stitching lines and a perfect binding system with auto setup, allowing us to finish digital work as well as traditional.

Other services on site include folding, drilling, polywrapping, and mail fulfilment.